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Our hearts are not going to be achy breaky anymore because Billy Ray Cyrus has just released his 15th studio album today called Set The Record Straight. But wait there’s MORE —

Cyrus took some time out of his busy schedule to promote the new album at BUILD Series and to make a heartfelt surprise announcement!

The signer announced that starting today, his hit song “Some Gave All” is being re-released so you can send a free download of the hit tune to any veteran anywhere in the world. It’s a perfect gift to say thanks to our veterans.

“”Some Gave All” is a special song. It’s not on this album [Set The Record Straight], it’s not for sale. It’s free. This version is a lot like Don’s demo.”

Cyrus was referring to Don Von Tress, the one who wrote the Platinum-certified hit, “Achy Breaky Heart.”

“Just over the last couple of months during the summer, Don got some musicians together and he started building this track of “Some Gave All,” and to be honest, he was building it as a gift to me. He knows how much the song means to me…and I fell in love with it. I said ‘Let’s finish it and give it to the veterans! Let’s give it to the men and women in uniform, for their service and their sacrifice. Let’s don’t sell this song. Let’s just give it to veterans on Veterans Day and say thank you for your service.’,” Cyrus elaborated.

So in spirit of Veterans Day this year, feel free to extend your heart and gift them this song. It’s the little things like this that counts because they’ve sacrificed so much for our freedom.

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While you’re all enjoying the new version of “Some Gave All,” you can also give your ears a treat with an additional 16 new tracks by Cyrus on Set The Record Straight.

“This record, Set The Record Straight, is going back to my roots. It’s very honest. The songs are my truth, going back to my earliest influences of bluegrass. A lot of those roots are in this album along with all styles of music,” Cyrus explained.

Cyrus felt the album “runs the gamut of musical styles, genres, and influences.” It’s who he is and there’s nothing fancy.

“I’ll never paint the Mona Lisa but I don’t have any desire to. That’s not my thing. I’m just kind of a simple guy from Flatwoods, Kentucky that had a dream [who] loves music, and sings about my truth,” Cyrus revealed.

When asked how soon he got inspired to put Set The Record Straight into motion, the Grammy-nominated singer told the audience that it was years ago. One particular song called “Stand,” he recorded with his daughter, Miley Cyrus when she was just an early teenager.

“It’s a really important song, that’s why I put it on this album. I just felt like it had so much to say! “Stand” is a song she sang with me, I think she was about 13 and it’s about standing for what you believe in. Stand for what is right. Be the change you want to see. That’s what “Stand” is about [and] as you know in our world now, the song just feels like it’s really got something to say at this time. Timing is always perfect and I think this song was kind of saved for this moment in this time because it can speak to people,” Cyrus says.

Overall, Billy feels proud of his children for sticking up for what’s right in life. His other daughter, Noah Cyrus also collaborated on a song with her dad for the new record.

“She’s got a lot of heart and soul. You hear it in her music. She’s her own original herself. She writes her own songs and has her own style. We all share the love of music but we all have our own styles and our own personalities that we all bring into our own truth, told the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer.

He was equally enamored with the effort Noah put into their cover of Don Williams’ classic song, “Tulsa Time.”

“Noah…she kind of put her own twist to it. She sounds a whole lot like Mae West. She yodels. I had no idea that Noah was even a yodeler and somehow God gave her the gift to yodel and she does a little yodel in there that I’ve never heard her do before. It’s really magic! The tune itself is a dance track, it’s just smokin’! It’s made for dance clubs and feels really fun. She brings that youth and energy to it,” Cyrus gushed.

Set The Record Straight by Billy Ray Cyrus is in stores, iTunes, and the Google Play store now! Also, be sure to visit Billy Ray Cyrus’ official website to get the free download of “Some Gave All.”

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