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Billy Ray Cyrus announced an upcoming album, titled Set the Record Straight, which will release November 10 of this year. The album will be jam-packed with artist collaborations including, Joe Perry, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Bryan Adams, Glenn Hughes, Jencarlos Canela, Ronnie Mislap and Miley Cyrus. Although no singles have been released yet, fans that tune into Cyrus’ CMT show, Still the King, got a first listen of his upcoming song “You Good.”

Cyrus tells Taste of Country, “Actually, I wrote it about sending Miley a text saying, ‘You good?’ Just checking in. Then I wrote a song called ‘You Good’ about my real emotions and I thought it really fits Vernon in prison, writing his daughter. He knows he messed her life up and he’s writing her to say, ‘you good?’ and that was the opening song in the show last night.”

“You Good” isn’t the only song written to coincide with his show Still The King. In a quote from Broadway World, Cyrus explains that many songs are very much relevant to the show and came about through what his character, Vernon, was experiencing.

On August 29, fans can catch Cyrus and his family on Apple’s Carpool Karaoke: The Series. Cyrus has tour dates throughout the next month and you can buy tickets here. Pre-order his upcoming album Set The Record Straight here.

Set The Record Straight track listing:

1. Tulsa Time ft. Joe Perry
2. I Wanna Be Your Joe
3. Achy Breaky Heart 25th (Muscle Shoals Mix)
4. You Good
5. I Want My Mullet Back
6. Country Music Has the Blues ft. George Jones & Loretta Lynn
7. Thin Line ft. Shelby Lynne
8. Hey Elvis ft. Bryan Adams & Glenn Hughes
9. I Wouldn’t Be Me
10. Stand ft. Miley Cyrus
11. Hey Daddy
12. The Freebird Fell
13. Achy Breaky Heart 25 ft. Jencarlos Canela (Spanglish)
14. Tulsa Time (ROKMAN Remix)
15. Worry

Article Photo: Ivey Redding

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