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Berry’s new show focuses on the singer and the song— the music that changed his guests’ lives and inspired them to be the artists they have become.

“It’s hard to believe that the dream of a Songs and Stories TV series is now a reality and that the airing of it is upon us,” says Berry.  “It was a magical time filming each episode and an honor to get to know these artist friends on a different level as they sang songs and shared their stories. I am excited to share it with viewers.”

Songs & Stories was filmed onsite at Nashville’s historic Douglas Corner, the same venue where Berry originally showcased to receive his first major record deal.  The show is sponsored by Freedom Trailers and Quieti Apparel and is produced by Jeff Moseley / CJM Productions.

Thursday’s debut episode starts the series off with a bang as none other than Billy Ray Cyrus joins John as his very first guest. A very emotional moment between John and Billy Ray from the episode was floating around online earlier this summer, and if it’s any indication of what lies ahead, this is going to a must see!

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