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Billy Ray Cyrus – or simply “Cyrus,” as he says he’ll soon be known – is furthering the 25th anniversary of his polarizing, breakthrough hit “Achy Breaky Heart” by releasing a Spanish version of the song. Last week, Cyrus debuted a swampy, more blues-based “Muscle Shoals” take on the track, originally written by Don Von Tress.

“I will be the artist formerly known as Billy Ray,” says the unpredictable singer, whose biggest hit turns 25 this year.

For the Spanish edition, Cyrus recorded with Mexican group Caballo Dorado (golden horse), who helped popularize the Kentucky native’s 1992 crossover hit with their own version, “No Rompas Mi Corazon,” in 1994. As in the U.S., the song helped spark a dance craze in Mexico.

“If you go to any wedding, any fiesta in Mexico, you’ll hear that song,” Von Tress tells Rolling Stone Country, “and they do a dance called the ‘four corners dance,’ not really a line dance, but everyone dancing in unison.”

Cyrus also says he’s collaborated with funk king Bootsy Collins for yet another interpretation of “Achy Breaky Heart.”

“It’s an EDM funk version, because why not?” Cyrus says. “If we’re going to throw it against the wall, let’s throw it against the wall.”

Some Gave All, the album on which the original “Achy Breaky” appeared, turns 25 on May 19th.

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